The Lockbox Door Protector®

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Our protector is the only one with the Patented Business Card Pocket. This is one of the main reasons agents have told us over 30 years that they prefer this design.

The protector works with all lockboxes including the Supra BT, Supra A/E & iBox, SentriLock REALTOR® and Multacc lockboxes and can be adapted to work with a handleset. It's made from 2 ply of 12 mil vinyl (clear over a white background) with heat welded seams.

Foam protectors work fine but all that is needed is a buffer between the lock box and door to prevent any damage and our protector does that also.

With thousands sold in all 50 states, this sturdy product is being used over and over again in weather extremes from Anchorage Alaska to Phoenix Arizona.