The Lockbox Door Protector® FAQ's

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(The Lockbox Door Protector is referred to as the LBDP)

For a marketing tool to work, people (Agents) have to want to use it. Agent's love the Patented Business Card Pocket and will gladly use the LBDP displaying your company name at the front door.

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Yes. The prices listed are for one color. Click here for multi-color pricing.

The imprinted LBDP measures 14" x 4". The LBDP without custom imprint measures 10 1/4" x 4". This sturdy product is made from two ply of 12 mil vinyl with heat welded seams and is being used over and over again in all 50 states.

No. Over the years, agents have tried all sorts of "home remedies" to protect the door from the constant movement of the lockbox. All that's needed is a buffer between the door and lockbox. The LBDP provides that and is the only protector with the business card pocket.

The Imprinted LBDP works with the Supra iBox BT, Supra iBox, Supra A/E and all other lockboxes. The shorter (No Imprint) LBDP works with all lockboxes but the Supra BT does cover part of the top of the business card pocket. The cards are removed from the back and you can still read "Please Take Card".

Yes. Just email us a request to become a reseller with a link to your company web site or mail us your request on your letterhead and we will send you details with pricing information.

Yes. Click here and submit the request form and we will mail you a sample.